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Thematic critical analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Thematic critical analysis - Essay Example The novel takes place in a seventeenth century Puritan community, when it is discovered that Hester has been unfaithful to her long gone husband. As punishment she is forced to wear the letter "A" on her forever. Wearing the letter "A", symbolizing for adultery, was the real punishment in the Puritan community; however even in history there is never any mention of the letter being of red color. The main focus of the story is how Hester is forced to wear the scarlet colored letter on her all the time. Hawthorn specifically made sure that the letter was of the color red. He chose the color red purposely, his inspiration with British History had a hand in this as well. "In Northumberland's lament appears a reference to the day of judgment as an occasion when a person's sins are exposed and judged-the record described as a type of list, or bead-rolUXmt 116)^ and as a "black booke" to be "vnclaspt" at that time (118). This reference to a book of judgment and damnation presents nothing less than a source for the imagistic link in The Scarlet Letter between the embroidered letter worn by Hester-as well as the transgression which brought her such punishment-and the book of the "Black Man," in which the letters of the sinner's name would be inscribed in the scarlet hue of their own blood (Canadas 45). It is explained here by Canadas that the color red was chosen due to its association with blood and the severity of the crime. In the "Black Man" the names of the sinners will be written in their own blood. Sinners have committed unforgivable offenses for which it must be shown to the world, through their own blood, that harshness of their offence. In this same manner Hawthorn shows that Hester must wear the letter in the color red. It is a symbol of her offence against her marriage, her husband and most of all the pureness and innocence of the community. Which brings us to the next point, the social standards of this community are very narrow. This shows the influence of the environment in which Hester resided. If adultery had been committed in the twenty-first century, no one could have even though about physically punishing Hester. It still would have been looked down upon, but it would be her private life. Lets take a closer look at time frame and setting of this novel. It is mid-seventeenth century, Boston, Massachusetts. When Hawthorn this novel it was 1840 in Salem, his story takes place only two hundred years prior to the actual time. Let us also keep in mind that Hawthorn himself was from the Puritan descendants and therefore his literary flair was limited. "According to Nathaniel Hawthorne's biographer, Henry James, Jr. Hawthorne's heritage as a descendant of the "clearest Puritan strain" served to restrict his literary talent to the exploration of one theme: the "consciousness of sin""(Taylor 135). The main focus of the Pur itans was the sin and how to erase it. Obviously this kind of breeding led to Hawthorne only being able to write about this subject. The conscious sin refers to the sin that is committed even after obtaining the knowledge that this behavior is forbidden and will be condemned. However even after having this knowledge and understanding the consequences when one still commits a sin, it is referred to as

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Concept of true and fair view Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Concept of true and fair view - Essay Example It is perceived to be realized by abiding by all additional minor accounting standards. True and fair view is the rule that is utilized in guidelines ranging from financial standard and auditing to an organization’s law acts. The phrase is applicable to the process an auditor will execute a verdict on the accounting activities of a corporation (Elliot & Elliot 2004, p. 21). The true and fair value concept is significant because it is employed in guaranteeing and examining if accounts indicate the correct business activities. In addition, the true and fair value concept has helped in abolishing mechanical utilization of accounting principles (Arnold, Hope, Southworth & Kirkham 1994, p. 17). The users of the true and fair value concept include auditors and accountants. Both the auditors and accountants use this concept to set down accounting statement whether they are internally-focused management accounts or external financial accounts. Auditors use the concept to design and perform with extreme determination that will help reveal any significant or material misstatements or errors (Friedlob, & Plewa, 1996, p. 67). Firms that utilize the true and fair value concept are those that are registered in the London Stock Exchange, for example, ABB, an international organization dealing in mechanics and primarily in the automation and power technology sectors, and Heathrow Airport Holdings, which operates four airports in Britain (Glautier & Underdown 1994, p. 51). There are a number of issues relating to the true and fair value concept. One, the accounting books should have noted all the business dealings accurately. The concept should record correct business dealings to ensure proper functioning. Two, the accounting books should be made according to the appropriate standards of accounting and have adhered to accountancy principles given by a number of regulatory agencies (Kotter &Cohen 2002, p. 35). This should reflect the adequate accounting standards in finance.